Minimum Diameter(mm): 1 (0.5)

Maximum Diameter(mm): 25 (75)

Grinding Wheel(mm): 255 x 150 x 127

Regulating Wheel(mm): 230 x 180 x 101.6

Machine Dimensions(mm): 1500 x 1400 x 2000

Machine Weight(kg): 4000

Length(mm): 150


Minimum Diameter(in): .04 (.02)

Maximum Diameter(in): .98 (2.95)

Grinding Wheel(in): 10" x 6" x 5"

Regulating Wheel(in): 9" x 7" x 4"

Machine Dimensions(in): 5' x 4.6' x 6.6'

Machine Weight(lbs): 8800

Length(in): 6

Equipped with a wheel base and work rest! Ultra-high-precision, high-rigidity compact centerless grinder

MSA-250BN” is a concrete bed type ultra-high-precision, high-rigidity compact centerless grinder with super-abrasive wheels.

Equipped with grinding wheel base and work rest. Excellent vibration damping and resistance to heat change, enabling ultra-precision matching grinding. Space saving, excellent cost performance and high grinding accuracy can be realized at the same time.

Concrete bed type with super-abrasive wheel specifications
Ultra-high precision and high rigidity
Excellent vibration damping and heat resistance
Ultra-high precision matching grinding is possible
Space saving, excellent cost performance

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