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One of Micron’s guiding principles is Innovation in Grinding, which is achieved through engineering expertise.  Our machines are built to order from the ground up and qualified to your exacting standards.  Micron USA also provides the essential service and parts sales for the life of your grinder.

Centerless Grinders

Internal Grinders

Internal Grinders

Machine Retool and Rebuild

Micron is very capable of retooling our machine serial numbers with completely different component parts than what they were originally delivered with.
If your project requires a full rebuild, you can find the link below for Remotion, who is our only North American approved rebuilder. All critical machine components, if needed, are provided directly from the Micron factory.



Case Studies

Micron has provided effective grinding solutions to companies in many different fields. These include, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Components, Off Highway Engines and semiconductors.

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