Case Studies

Micron has provided centerless and internal grinders to clients in a wide variety of industries that require precision grinding for their parts. Read further for more information about the industries we serve, and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have.

Auto Parts Industry

It is said that cars are made up of about 30,000 parts. In particular, parts used in engines, injectors, steering, and transmissions, which are aggregates of rotating bodies, require extreme precision. Our grinding machines have an extensive track record of delivering optimal processes for a wide variety of parts such as pistons, valves, injector bodies, nozzle needles, and plungers. In particular, for eccentric workpieces such as balance shafts, we propose a model that uses an inclined bed – one of our strengths – to meet high-precision requirements and production efficiency.

In recent years, along with the electrification of automobiles, we have started offering grinders for processing motor shafts, as well as centerless grinders for mass production screw groove grinding that responds to screw processing for drive actuators used in motors.


Construction Machinery Industry

Construction machine parts are required not only to be round (roundness) but also to be straight (straightness). Our highly rigid grinders enable the very delicate spools for control valves to be finished with high precision. In addition, for pistons with unique shapes, the desired shape can be achieved with high quality by molding the grinding wheel using form dressing.

The demand for construction machinery has recently increased in rapidly growing countries, and many local construction machinery manufacturers have adopted our grinders.


Medical Instruments

The shape, material, and size of the same medical device differ depending on the application and treatment site. In addition, in recent years, there is a need for less invasive medical devices that are more patient-friendly, and for that reason, medical devices are required to have high processing precision. We make the most of the advantages of grinders to provide grinding processes that meet the needs of the medical field, such as long wire processing with a diameter of 0.5 mm or less and mass production of carbide instruments. Other processing processes can also be considered at our test center, so please feel free to contact us.


Bearing Industry

Bearings are used in a variety of rotating applications, including the axles of automobiles and Shinkansen bullet trains, which rotate shafts accurately and smoothly. Bearing parts are required to reduce energy loss and heat generation due to friction and prevent seizure, so high machining precision is required. We have an in-feed machine and a through-feed machine that use a centerless grinder with an inclined bed to meet the needs of our customers.



Our grinding technology is not limited to conventional grinding and can be applied to a wide range of fields.
For example, we have a track record of processing hard-to-cut materials such as titanium, inconel, and ceramics, which are often used in the aircraft industry, carbon used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and sporting goods such as golf balls and driver shafts. Furthermore, we can provide grinding processes for all kinds of materials such as magnets, glass, resin, and rubber.

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