In 1959, two centerless grinders were born in a small factory in Yamagata City. Since then, the centerless grinder, which has continued to evolve and is equipped with unprecedented groundbreaking technology, has been widely used in various industries such as automobiles, electronic information equipment, home appliances, construction machinery, bearings, and medical tools. We have contributed greatly to the advanced development of today’s industry and society by providing parts processing systems for core products. In addition, since 2000, we have added an internal grinder to our lineup and provide ultra-precision drilling systems to manufacturers that process fuel injection device parts. We have delivered more than 7,500 of these grinders to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and our customers have given us high marks and satisfaction for our products and services. Thanks to you, our domestic share of centerless grinders exceeds 40% and our global share exceeds 10%. As a grinding machine manufacturer that supports manufacturing around the world, we will strive to achieve the world’s highest level of grinding skills and technology so that our grinding technology and grinding machines can contribute to our customers’ profits.

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