Minimum Diameter(mm): 5

Maximum Diameter(mm): 80 (90)

Grinding Wheel(mm): 510 x 75 x 228.6

Regulating Wheel(mm): 305 x 75 x 177.8

Machine Dimensions(mm): 2400 x 1800 x 2000

Machine Weight(kg): 3500

Length(mm): 75


Minimum Diameter(in): .197

Maximum Diameter(in): 3.15 (3.5)

Grinding Wheel(in): 20" x 3" x 9"

Regulating Wheel(in): 12" x 3" x 7"

Machine Dimensions(in): 7.9' x 6' x 6.6'

Machine Weight(lbs): 7700

Length(in): 3

Infeed type centerless grinder that pursues high accuracy and high operability

“MPC-500C” is a highly operable centerless grinder dedicated to high-precision infeed grinding.

In order to fix the insertion position of the workpiece during grinding, the grinding wheel is slid while grinding, optimizing the transportation process of the workpiece and achieving high operability in a simple design.

The workpiece diameter is 5-80mm, the installation floor space is 1100x1000mm, and the grinding wheel size is 510x75x228.6mm.

Easy to operate
Exclusively for high-precision infeed grinding
Grinding by sliding the grinding wheel
Optimizing the workpiece transfer process and realizing high operability in a simple design

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