Minimum Diameter(mm): 1

Maximum Diameter(mm): 60

Grinding Wheel(mm): 455 x 205 x 228.6

Regulating Wheel(mm): 260 x 150 x 101.6

Machine Dimensions(mm): 2350 x 990 x 1600

Machine Weight(kg): 5500

Length(mm): 205


Minimum Diameter(in): .04

Maximum Diameter(in): 2.36

Grinding Wheel(in): 18" x 8" x 9"

Regulating Wheel(in): 10.2" x 6" x 4"

Machine Dimensions(in): 7.6' x 3.25' x 5.25'

Machine Weight(lbs): 12,125

Length(in): 8

Compatible with 8 inch (205 mm) wide whetstones! A centerless grinder that simplifies equipment adjustment and achieves high-efficiency and high-precision grinding.

Introducing our centerless grinder (centerless grinder) “MPC-450II-GS”.

This is a new model medium-sized machine with a double-sided bearing structure that supports 8-inch (205 mm) wide grinding wheels.

By keeping the center of the workpiece constant, it simplifies equipment adjustment and achieves high-efficiency, high-precision grinding.

Double-ended bearing structure
Compatible with 8 inch (205 mm) wide grindstone
New model medium-sized machine
Realization of simplified equipment adjustment and high-efficiency, high-precision grinding

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