Maximum I.D.(mm): 5

Maximum O.D.(mm): 10

Maximum Length(mm): 10

Workhead Motor(Kw): 1.0

Workhead O.D. Spindle: 1

Wheelhead Motor(Kw): 0.5 ~ 3.0

Machine Dimensions(mm): 940 × 670 × 1300

Machine Weight(kg): 1000


Maximum I.D.(in): .2"

Maximum O.D.(in): .4"

Maximum Length(in): 10

Workhead Motor(min-1): 0 ~ 4000

Workhead O.D. Spindle: 1

Wheelhead Motor(min-1): 60000 ~ 180000

Machine Dimensions(in): 3' x 2.2' x 4.27'

Machine Weight(lbs): 2200

Achieves high-precision interpolation control operation! A compact internal grinder that is about half the size of conventional machines

The “MIG-10Ui(Pi)-A1” is a space-saving and compact 1-head, 1-axis internal grinder with an installation area that is approximately half that of our conventional machines.

High-precision interpolation control operation is achieved with an independent orthogonal arrangement table composed of mechanical guides and linear motors.

Depending on the application, it is possible to select and install either a hydrostatic bearing type spindle with high rotational accuracy or a spindle composed of high-precision bearings.

Space-saving and compact
Independent Orthogonal Tables
Achieves high-precision interpolation control operation
Either a hydrostatic bearing type spindle or a spindle composed of high-precision bearings can be installed.
Flexible support for high-precision grinding of various seat surface angles

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