Maximum I.D.(mm): 20

Maximum O.D.(mm): 40

Maximum Length(mm): 50

Workhead Motor(Kw): 0.75

Workhead O.D. Spindle: 2

Wheelhead Motor(Kw): 0.5 ~ 5.0

Machine Dimensions(mm): 1330 x 1030 x 1300

Machine Weight(kg): 3000


Maximum I.D.(in): .8"

Maximum O.D.(in): 1.58"

Maximum Length(in): 50

Workhead Motor(min-1): 0 ~ 4000

Workhead O.D. Spindle: 2

Wheelhead Motor(min-1): 60000 ~ 180000

Machine Dimensions(in): 4.4' x 3.4' x 4.3'

Machine Weight(lbs): 6600

Achieves high-speed, low-vibration and high followability! Internal grinding machine that can be equipped with up to two high-frequency spindles

The “MIG-101i(Ui)-A0” is a space-saving and compact 1-head 2-spindle internal grinder.

Adopting a concrete bed and a linear motor realizes high speed, low vibration and high follow-up performance, and can handle small and medium diameter workpieces.

A maximum of two high-frequency spindles can be installed, enabling highly efficient and highly accurate compound processing.

Space-saving and compact
1-head 2-axis internal grinding machine
Achieves high-speed, low-vibration and high tracking performance
Up to 2 high-frequency spindles can be mounted
Achieves high-efficiency, high-precision compound machining

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