We received “Supplier Award” from Denso

Kenji Award

At 2016 Denso suppliers meeting (May 16, 2016), Micron Machinery Co., Ltd received “Supplier Award” from Denso.  This award is one of the best awards given to the suppliers which was recognized by Denso for their contribution of developing new engineering, improving products qualities, cost reduction, meeting deliveries and global customer support)

The main reasons that Micron received this award was based on our development of the new centerless grinding machine model MPC-150HP-A1 and internal grinding machine, modelMIG-101i-A0.  These grinders were developed to keep the same capabilities, while utilizing less floor space as well as reducing costs.  Micron was particularly true with our model MIG-101i-A0.  It realizes higher speed, along with lower vibration and high repeatability all of which contributed to a reduction in cycle times.

This award encourages us to further improve our customer satisfaction by introducing innovative grinding technologies all while producing the highest quality grinders.

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