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“Innovation in in Grinding” demands that we always challenge ourselves to explore new options in techniques and machinery, and never be satisfied with products that are just good enough. That challenge drives Micron to continually improve roundness, straightness and size on cylindrical parts to meet the ever evolving requirements of our customers.

Micron USA’s commitment to serve the North American market with advanced precision, local engineering, parts and 24/7 service results in our generating a fair amount of news about our efforts.

Check back often to see what is new with Micron. We will share our latest stock of grinding machines, list trade shows that we are attending and share other important industry news.

IMTS 2018


Please be sure to join us at this year’s IMTS at McCormick Place, Chicago IL.  Visit us again in our booth at the North Building N-7521.  This year’s display includes:

  • MIG-101i-A0 Specialty Centerless Grinder with FANUC Robot Load/Unload -  A Compact machine with a single chuck and dual grinding spindle system designed with a footprint 40% less than that of an equivalent machine.  Achieves High-Speed, High-Tracking performance and Low-Vibration by employing a concrete bed and linear motor technology.  Fits small and mid-size applications.  Two high-frequency spindles will enable High-Accuracy and High-Efficiency grinding on a variety of internal surfaces.

  • MPC-250-A0 Specialty Centerless Grinder with Gantry Loader  - A compact platform centerless grinder capable of either traditional or straight wheel head approach or angular approach, which allows for the simultaneous grinding of diameters and faces.  It uses traditional or CBN abrasives while achieving sub-micron geometrical tolerances in a single pass grind operation; fully automated to suit an array of part configurations. 

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A New Centerless Thread Grinding Machine from Micron USA

Centerless Thread Grinding Machine

Micron USA's new centerless grinding machine is capable of thread grinding from a pre-formed profile, such as a rolled blank. Unlike conventional centerless thread grinding machines, it is able to grind up to 050mm based on grinding a pre-formed blank, with less stock to be removed.

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Heavy Duty Dual-Support Centerless Grinder

Dual-Support Centerless Grinder

A best-selling product, our new heavy-duty, dual-support centerless grinder offers 16" (405 mm) wheel width capabilities and twin-grip, this design improves on existing our existing designs and integrates the latest control technology. The result is an ultra-high performance machine that offers unparalleled reliability and unmatched capabilities.

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We received “Supplier Award” from Denso

Kenji Award

At 2016 Denso suppliers meeting (May 16, 2016), Micron Machinery Co., Ltd received “Supplier Award” from Denso.  This award is one of the best awards given to the suppliers which was recognized by Denso for their contribution of developing new engineering, improving products qualities, cost reduction, meeting deliveries and global customer support)

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IMTS 2016

imts 2016

Be sure to check us out at this year's International Manufacturing Technology show, September 12-17 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. We will be at Booth N-7521.

The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, featuring more than 2,000 exhibiting companies and 114,147 registrants.

  • MPC-600C-F  - Center-less with face grinding capability. (Details to follow)
  • MIG-130LI-Z2 – Large diameter Internal Grinder. (Details to follow)

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COMING SOON : Spring / Summer Stock 2016


COMING SOON : Spring / Summer Stock 2016

  • MPC-600IV-CNC (16” / 400mm) Wide wheel capacity Center-less (details to follow).
  • MPC-600C-CNC
  • MPC-450-CNC-RCNC - A precision centerless grinding machine with nine CNC axis powered by the Fanuc 0i control.  The machine is setup and prepared for infeed grinding with high speed load/unload.  The grinding wheel is 18” in diameter and 6” long.

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Spring/Summer Stock - 2015


Our current stock of industrial precision grinding machines includes the following:

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Technical Center


Our North American technical center is built to accommodate our customers' needs. We have a full engineering and service staff trained by Micron Machinery LTD. Complete machine rebuilds and retools are a common request for Micron USA and we have the infrastructure to handle all requests. We also stock machine parts for most centerless and internal grinding products.

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